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Motomachi area!

3min. walk to the super market!

Kitchen is available!

Staying base rate

・High seasons(Golden week, Japanese public holiday and July 1 to August 31) will be 500 yen plus.

・Kids, under the age of 4 aren't available in this guesthouse.

・As for the private room single charge, 1,000 yen increases. (2,000 yen increases in high seasons)


Shower/Kitchen/seasoning/Internet/Washing machine/etc...

Raggae bar RASTAS

Drink            The Drink carry-on is NG

Beer                    ¥600

Awamori Shimazake         from ¥300

Cocktail                            from ¥300

and more...

Food               The food carry-on is OK

Okinawa soba                     ¥800

Okinawa juicy                            ¥800

Original jerk chiken                    ¥500

Snack            from ¥300

and more...

* There're holidays irregularly because it's operation by itself.


Morio's Guesthouse IzuOshima Shop

1-22-8, Motomachi, Oshima-machi, Tokyo, Japan


It is all a required item.

Tell me about the number of people, sex, the type of the room,

the date to stay in the occasion of the reservation.

The telephone is 090-2751-5569 (+81 90 2751 5569)

* Please refrain from the inquiry of the telephone in account of the break for from 2pm to 4pm and after 8pm.


もりおの家   伊豆大島店

東京から1時間45分! 釣りにダイビングそしてもちろんサーフィンも!



ゲストハウスもりおの家 伊豆大島店

TEL :  04992-7-5567

     携帯 090-2751-5569

(※14:00〜16:00, 20:00以降は受付時間外)

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